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What You Should Do When a Large Tree Falls on Your Roof

A house can be damaged by a large tree that falls onto the roof, or it can sustain structural damage. When this occurs, you need to respond quickly to ensure that the danger is contained, the property is protected, and people are not injured. Evacuate the property When dealing with a possibly dangerous situation such as this, it is essential to evacuate the property. If you have time, take any valuables with you since you may be evacuated from the property for a few days. Leaving the house ensures further damage is prevented until a team of professionals can assess the structure's integrity. Call 911 Call 911 and have the emergency responders visit your property to assess the situation. If a safety hazard is present, they can coordinate an air-lifting operation. These specialists are professionals who can handle this situation quickly. Don't Dig Into the Roof When a large tree falls onto the roof of a home, you may think it is necessary to clear away portions of the structure to prevent death or injury. This is a mistake since the structure can be unstable, and you could sustain further damage to the house. It is much safer to leave the structure undisturbed until the tree removal specialists can respond to your property and clear the tree from the property in a safe manner. Call Your Insurance Company When a large tree falls on your home, you need to contact your insurance company to file a claim for any damages you sustain. If someone is injured, this is a crucial step to ensure the safety of their health and well being. You can take photos of the damage the tree caused and include this in your claim to ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. Contact a Roof Contractor If the large tree falls in such a manner that it partially or entirely removes portions of your roof, you will need to contact a roofing contractor. These experts can assess the damage and provide you with an estimate on the repairs needed so you can restore your home to its original condition. Large trees can cause considerable damage to a structure when they fall and damage portions of the roof. When this occurs, you need to contact a professional immediately to ensure that the danger is contained safely and property is protected.

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